Rytr Review

Rytr Review

Our Verdict


Before we start this Rytr review we have to say that our verdict is that Rytr is a versatile AI content generation tool that can efficiently create high-quality content for various purposes, particularly marketing materials.

Its user-friendly interface, numerous templates, and quick editing features make it a valuable resource for content creators, marketers, and businesses.

While it excels in generating marketing-focused content, its creative capabilities are somewhat limited. Overall, Rytr is a powerful tool for content generation and worth considering for a range of writing needs.


Table of Contents


Brief Description of Rytr

With over 700 reviews on g2.com and a winner in the top 50 business software, Rytr is on the shortlist of a lot of marketing and entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2021 and had a significant growth, reaching in may 2023 over 5 million users.

Rytr is powered by GPT-3 to which they added their own custom data for an improved content generation. It also has it’s own algorith for optimizing the generated content for SEO.

Rytr features include:

  • Over 40 content templates
  • 30+ languages
  • 20 tones of voice

It this review I will put these feature to the test, and share with you the results for some of the most popular content types and tools that Rytr has to offer.

UI & Features

The Rytr dashboard is straight-forward and easy to understand. “Create” is the main section, and it has 3 options available:

  • Copy – Used to generate content based on 36 templates, and also free form content according to your specific needs.  
  • Image – Used for creating AI generated images.
  • Chat – Similar with ChatGPT, ask and get responses from an ai assistant.

You can navigate all of these section while still keeping the focus on the document you are writing.

One really nice feature that Rytr has is it’s “quick edit” meniu that pops up when you make a text selection in the document. 


These options makes the creation process faster, given you quick access to features that can improve your text, rephrase it, or create a paragraph from a selection of keywords. 

Here are all the options available in the “Quick Edit” menu:

  • Command: Give a custom command to be applied to the selected text
  • Improve: Corrects grammar and improves readability of the text
  • Rephase: Self Explanatory
  • Paragrpah: Creates a paragraph based on a text selection
  • AI Image: Create an AI image based on the selected text.
  • Continue Ryting: Expands on the selected topic
  • Expand: Rewrites with more words
  • Shorten: Rewrites with fewer words
  • Append: Adds a few words at the end of the text
  • Plagiarism: Check if the text is plagiarism free

Besides the “Create”, Rytr has 2 more sections – “History” and “Account”. While both are self explanatory, I want to make a special shoutout to Rytr to the “History” section, which is one of the best implemented from most of the AI writers I’ve tested.

Our main focus in testing out the “Create” to make sure that the output is high quality content and consistent with the templates we choose.

Rytr - Create -> Copy


The “Copy” section has a five-part form that you need to fill in:

  • Select Language
  • Select Tone
  • Choose use case – here you select from the 36 available content templates
  • Description – A small description about what you want to write
  • Variants 
  • Creativity – control the balance between a factual article and a fictional one

You can find below the 36 templates currently available:

  • Copywriting Frameworks: ADIA, PAS
  • Blog: Idea & Outline, Section Writing
  • Business: Brand Names, Idea Pitch, Cover letter, Profile Bio
  • Marketing: Call to action, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, Google Search Ads, Newsletter, Post Caption & Ideas, Landing Page & Website Copy, Reply to Reviews and Messages, SMS & Notifications, Q & A
  • SEO: Meta Title, Meta Description
  • HR: Interview Questions, Job Descrition
  • Keyword Research: Keywords Extractor, Keywords Generator
  • Ecommerce: Product Description, Testimonail & Review
  • Video: Channel Descritption, Video Description, Video Idea
  • Creative Writing: Poem Generator, Song Lyrics, Story Plot
  • Random: Magic Command

As many of the AI content generators, Rytr focuses on mostly marketing material. It has all the options you need if you are looking to launch a new website or if you have a marketing agency.

Where it lacks is the creative part of things, having very few option available for people who would for example be interested in writing a novel.

Rytr - Create -> Image

The “Image” option allows the creation of AI generated image that can be easily added in the document. I will share some examples in the “Use Cases” chapter so we can check the quality and relevance of the generated images.

Rytr - Create -> Chat

The chat function is your ai assistant and is most useful when you need to research a specific topic. It’s helps a lot when you have general knowledge about the subject you want to write.


For an article where you want to write about the “Top Fruits in the World”, getting specific benefits for each fruit that you didn;t know about, adds a lot to the quality of the created content, 

Use Cases

Ease of Use

It’s simple interface and minimal menu, makes Rytr one of the easiest to use AI content generators. Everything is one click away and you can use all tools and templates without leaving the document you are working on. 

If we add to this also the “Quick Edit” menu from the editor, I can confidently say that Rytr is in the top when it comes to ease of use.

Speed and Efficiency

Rytr is a fast ai writer, and is very efficient and generating long content. The way it approaches blog post creation is unique and can generate high quality content at a high rate. 


The pricing model is similar to most similar products – 3 pricing plans:

  • Free: 10k characters/month – between 1428 words and 2500 words
  • Saver($9/month): 100k Characters/month – between 14,280 words and 25,000 words
  • Unlimited($29/month): No character limit

The unlimited plan is similar to most of its competitors. What I like is the possibility of a Saver options that offer beginners access to a 25,000 words for a small price.

The free version is also worth mentioning as you can use it to generate about 3 or even 4 average size blog posts per month at no cost.

Customer Support

Rytr offers support through email, live chat and social media channels. The live chat average response time is 2 hours, so you get same day reply. As I never encountered an issue that made me contact support, I cannot yet provide insight on the quality of their support.


Rytr offer integrations with 2 services. The frist one is their own SERP analysis tool that can be instantly enabled from your account menu. The tool can only be used for the “Blog Idea & Outline” template and it opens a window in the lower right corner with SERP data. 

The second available integration is with SemRush, so you will need to link your SemRush account to enable it. It is also available only for the “Blog Idea & Outline” template and it helps with getting enhanced keywords suggestions when creating outline.


Rytr, with its impressive track record, has marked itself as a noteworthy contender in the AI content generation landscape. From its intuitive UI, comprehensive range of templates to efficient content creation, it stands out in various domains. 

The platform's innovative features like the “Quick Edit” menu, unique blog post creation methodology, and seamless integrations with tools like SemRush, further augment its usability.

Their diverse pricing options accommodate both beginners and seasoned professionals, offering value at every tier. 

While Rytr has an undeniable stronghold in generating marketing-focused material, there's a window for growth in the creative sphere. The live chat response time is commendable, although the quality of support remains to be fully explored. 

To to summarize our Rytr review, this software is a potent tool for any marketer or content creator aiming for efficient, high- quality content generation backed by AI. For those on the fence, it's certainly worth a test drive, especially with a generous free tier available.

This was our Rytr review, hope you found it useful!

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