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Jasper Ai, a content writer, provides all the necessary content tools to start,  scale, and promote your online business. If you are working as a team of one, consider it as a team member that can take care of 80% of your content requirements. The last 20% will be up to you, as it should be. You will need to add your input to the content generated to make it unique for your business (as it should be the case anyway).


Jasper is a leading tool that uses AI to help write content. Since starting in February 2021, it's become popular and keeps improving, adding new things and improving old ones. As of the middle of 2023, about seven million people visit the Jasper website each month, which made it one of the fastest-growing companies, according to a well-known magazine called Inc.

Now, more than 100,000 companies worldwide use Jasper, and that number is growing fast.

Over the years, it generated over 10,000 user reviews and has an impressive overall rating of 4.8/5 stars

Some of its main features include:

  • Text Summarizer
  • Paragraph Generator
  • AIDA and PAS Frameworks (excellent for generating sales & marketing copy)
  • Blog Post Content Improver
  • Topic Ideas
  • And more…

Note: We will cover all the features of Jasper AI in more detail lower in this review, so stay tuned. 🙂

Table of Contents

Jasper AI UI & Features

Account Dashboard

The easiest way to start testing Jasper AI is to sign up for their free trial. After creating the trial account, you must choose which pricing plan to use for the free trial. Regardless, you will need to enter your payment details. If the trial ends without canceling the subscription, you will be automatically billed based on your chosen subscription. 

If, after using the product for seven days, you decide it’s not for you, don’t forget to cancel your account.

For this review, I have opted for Creator Plan – $39/month billed annually or $49/month billed monthly. 

Once you start your free trial, you are redirected to the Jasper dashboard, where you can see all options available along with “Getting Started” documents that get you up to speed using the Jasper Document Editor.

Jasper Account Dashboard

The dashboard consists of a left sidebar that, at the 1st glance, seems straightforward and easy to understand. “Create new content” is the main call to action, and when clicked, it pops up a secondary menu from which you need to select the type of content you want to start working on.

Jasper Create new content popup

Content Generation

Jasper AI can generate a lot of content types, from short stories and tweets to blog posts and multiple ad types. It has 10 workflows and 69 content templates to choose from.

Besides written content, Jasper also can generate images. Same as text, the art generation feature also comes with ten templates. In this review, we will focus mostly on the content generation capabilities.

Content Templates

If you already know what you want to achieve with Jasper, content templates are the easiest way to start creating content immediately. The templates section has 13 categories.

Note: You can find some templates in multiple categories.

  • Ads – From specific ad types(e.g., Facebook, Google) to content rewriting and sales frameworks, the ad templates offer an excellent and quick way to start your first ad campaign or test variations to improve your current ads.
  • Blog – Here, you can find most types of templates. You can generate topic ideas, improve current content, generate an entire blog post in one go, and much more.
  • Business – With only two templates available, the business category focuses only on generating LinkedIn content.
  • Creator – Has only one template available that summarizes existing content.
  • E-commerce – This is another template category with many options available. You can create Amazon product descriptions & features, improve existing content, create landing pages in a single go, generate product descriptions, use sales frameworks, and some additional templates related to SEO and a section for the product page.
  • Email – Two templates that you can use exclusively for emails(Subject lines and Personalized Cold Emails). Besides these two, the rest are general purpose and can be found in multiple categories (e.g., content improver, content rewriter.)
  • Frameworks – All the sales frameworks available in Jasper AI. 
  • Google – Use this category content for Google products such as Google Ads and Google My Business.
  • Marketing – A bit of a redundant category(almost every category available is related to marketing); here, you have two options: Content Rewriter and One-Shot Blog Post.
  • SEO – One of the most crucial categories available, you can use the templates from here to generate paragraphs, titles, and meta descriptions from various website pages and rewrite existing content
  • Social Media – Besides the Facebook and LinkedIn templates(also found in other categories), you can use the templates found here to generate content for platforms such as Quora, Pinterest, and Tiktok.
  • Video – Mostly dedicated to creating text content for YT and Tiktok videos. 
  • Website – Very similar to the Blog category, but has one template dedicated only to websites: “Website Sub-headline.”

Content Workflows

Workflows in Jasper AI consist of a series of steps that you follow to generate multiple or more complex content types. There are ten workflows available:

  • Ad – It has three steps, allowing you to create both Facebook and Google ad ideas based on an initial company description you provide in step 1.
  • Blog Post – Is made of 4 steps and creates an intro paragraph, post outline, paragraphs, and conclusions based on a 200 characters context you add at the start.
  • Blog Post Starter – This is a three steps workflow that starts with generating a title based on a description you provide, then creates an intro paragraph, and has a last step that allows you to create as much content as you’d like in the post.
  • Email Campaign –  Six steps workflow that you start with adding info about your company/product, audience, and pain points. After submitting the information, it creates email bodies and subject lines based on the initial info.

Jasper AI - Document Editor

If you don’t want to use any templates or workflows, use the Document Editor to generate content of any type.

Jasper Getting Started with Commands sections
  • Text Option – A standard text options bar that lets you do the following action:
      1. Undo/Redo;
      2. Change text type with the following option: Normal text, Heading, Quote;
      3. Change text style: Bold, Italic, Underline;
      4. Insert Link/Image option;
      5. Add lists: bulleted or numbered.
  • Context – The left sidebar allows you to add more context to your document for Jasper to generate more accurate content. Three options are available:
  • Description: This allows you to add a 600-character description of the article you want to write.
  • Tone of voice: Here, you tell the AI in what style Jasper should write the content. Some options are: conversational, informative, and humorous.
  • Keywords: A fantastic option for SEO-optimized articles. You can add 1-2 keywords for Jasper to optimize the article for them.
  •  Modes – This option allows you to choose between the three writing  modes available in Jasper:
      1. Focus Mode: The default mode, as shown in the last screenshot;
      2. Chat Mode: Replaces the context section with a chat section where you can ask questions, give Jasper various tasks, and then include the reply in the main document.
      3. Power Mode: The most advanced mode for generating content. It offers ten workflows for creating content and 69 templates for generating content for specific purposes: E.g., Facebook Ad Headline, Faq Generator, and Feature to Benefit.

Note: All Templates will be tested and showcased later in the review.

  • Text Count/History – Self-explanatory, this section shows the total word count for the article and the history for going back to previous versions if needed.
  • Shortcuts –  A set of quick features that allows you to take the following actions:
  • Re-phrase
  • Enable Grammarly – to check the spelling of the article
  • Plagiarism Checker – a fantastic option that allows you to see if the generated content is unique
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Pro Tips – Informational section for faster and better content generation.

Testing the Document Editor Focus Mode

Let’s move to the most important section –  the article body, where the magic happens. 

The starting document has a basic tutorial that allows you quickly understand how content generation works and how a standard command looks in Jasper AI.

The prompts you can use in Jasper consist of three parts:

    1. Actions(verbs) – what you want Jasper to do: rephrase, summarize, improve the content, write, explain, ask, expand, and so on.
    2. Structures – this step refers to the type of content you want Jaser to generate. Some examples are: outline, list, website headline, ad, blog intro paragraph.
    3. Directions – the last part of the prompt is used to give the AI more context to generate an output of the highest quality. E.g., “Why are horses the best pets”, “How to get to the bottom of the ocean”,  “Symptoms of TMJ”.


An example of a full prompt that we can use to start generating content would be:

Write (action) a blog post intro paragraph (structure) about the benefits of organic vegetables over non-organic (direction).

Let’s use this example to see what happens when you ask Jasper to generate content.


The generated paragraph looks good, is on point, and respects the commands given in the prompt. It is vital to note that the information was generated almost instantly. Let’s use the continue writing option and see what happens.


Jasper continues to write on point, and what is great is that instead of starting a new sentence, it continued the initial one and added more details on the subject.

We will continue testing this feature with three more prompts for more in-depth analysis.

Prompt – Draft a compelling introductory paragraph for a social media post highlighting the crucial role cybersecurity measures play in protecting small businesses from potential digital threats.


Same as before, the generated content is on point, but what I’ve noticed this time(and I think it happened last time as well) is that Jasper stopped in mid-sentence. I needed to use the “Continue Writing” option again to complete the paragraph.


I liked that when asking for social media content, Jasper added hashtags at the end of the paragraph. I would have also wanted the ai writer to add emojis, as the request is for a social media post. I continued feeding it some prompts to see if adding emojis to the text was also an option.


As you can see, it took a few more commands(I also wanted some formatting), but in the end, Jasper provided the desired result. It was weird that I had to ask the AI to add the hashtags again, but I wouldn’t consider this a significant inconvenience. Now let’s move on to the following command.

Prompt – Compose a captivating introductory section for an email newsletter that announces the launch of a new line of eco-friendly products and emphasizes their benefits for the environment.


Until now, this is my favourite. As somebody interested in eco-friendly products, I would read it thoroughly if I’d receive an email like this. The last sentence was a bit off, tho. I requested an introductory section, but the last sentence seems like something that would be used as an ending. 

After three tests, the content it generates is on point and serves its purpose but still requires a bit of human input before using it. 

Let’s now see the results for the last command set.

Prompt – Write a compelling list for a product description that emphasizes the superior features and benefits of a high-end noise-canceling headphone.


For some reason, this time, it required three actions of “Continue Writing” to finalize the text, but the result it generated was top-notch. If you have a product review website and lack inspiration when writing about the features of your product, Jasper won’t let you down. The list of features is written in a professional way that could make your users want to learn more about the products you review.

After four tests with various types of commands, here is my feedback:


Now that we have gone through the basic commands tutorial and tested some other command variations let’s see the value the Context side panel adds to the text generation.

As stated earlier in this review, the Context section comprises three parts: Description, Tone of voice, and keywords.

For the 1st test, we will use the following inputs:

Description: write a newsletter about eco-friendly products for a product review website

Tone of voice: humorous

Keywords: global warming, biodegradable

For the prompt, I will use the newsletter prompt from earlier to see how the text generation will look compared to the initial one, where no context was given.

Compose a captivating introductory section for an email newsletter that announces the launch of a new line of eco-friendly products and emphasizes their benefits for the environment.


The idea of a review website shows up only at the end of the written text, but what's important is that the software considers it. The text is funnier than the last one, so the software takes this in account as well. Also, both keywords are in the text, so the Context feature works well. But, to check how good the feature is, let's try adding a different type of Context and see what happens.

Description: write a shocking newsletter from a news website focused on political issues.

Tone of voice: scared.

Keywords: plastic destruction.


This time, the starting prompt made a piece of writing that only considered the keywords and a bit of the description. I couldn't find the “scared” tone of voice anywhere. Instead of trying to regenerate the text again, I made Jasper use all of the Context by directly telling it to do so. I was happy to see that after the 2nd prompt, the AI made the text much better.

After these two tests, I can say that the Context can be useful, especially for the “Tone of voice” and “keywords” sections, but it needs some tweaking and getting used to it to benefit from it entirely.

Jasper AI Editor - Power Mode

The Power Mode is Jasper AIs' most advanced content generation feature, and it comes pre-configured with ten content workflows and over 60 templates.

These templates are also available in the dashboard and can be accessed through the “Create” option. Which place you want to use the templates is up to you.

For this review, we will test the most popular content types available here through the “Create” option in the next part.

Jasper AI - Use Cases

This section will dive deep into the Jasper AI document editor and see if it meets its expectations. We'll summarize articles, improve existing content, generate ideas for new topics, and more. Furthermore, we’ll test multiple templates and workflows and share our results and feedback.

So without further ado, let’s start!

Workflows - Ad

The 1st workflow focuses on creating ad copy for your business. The workflow has a context section and three other steps:

  • Context: Same as in the focus mode, this section provides context about what you want the AI to write about.
    • Step 1Tell us about your company: The 1st step requires you to give some information about your company and asks you things like your company's name, some information about it, and the tone of voice you want to use.
    • Step 2 – Social Media Ad Ideas: This section creates ads specific to social media campaigns and requires you to provide information such as:
      • Your command for Jasper: e.g., Write a 3-part Ad Campaign with a headline and a short description targeting my audience.
      • Do you have any additional information for Jasper: e.g., Toby was a happy dog that loved to sneak around eating people's food (I don’t understand this example at this point, but we’ll see what they mean by it in the testing phase)
      • Tone of Voice
  • Step 3 – Google Ad Ideas: same as step 2 but using an ad format specific to Google campaigns(e.g., Write three 4-word headlines for an ad. Include a short slogan under each ad)
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Now that we have gone through each step of the Ad workflow process, let’s create a fake company and see how Japer AI will help us create ads for it.


Company Name: Tom’s Playground

About: Family-owned E-commerce store that sells eco-friendly cat toys. We were established in 2019, and our focus is to provide access to only the best quality cat toys and accessories to cat owners worldwide.

Tone of voice: Warm, Approachable, Enthusiastic

Note: We will use “Tom’s Playground ” in the rest of the workflow and template examples.

Now that we know who we are let’s also create a short description for a customer persona we want to target.

Person: Eco-Caring Cat Lover Carol


Age: 30-45
Gender: Female
Location: Urban or suburban areas

Occupation: healthcare, education, or technology
Family: Likely to be single or married, possibly with children
Income: Middle to upper-middle class

The generated content is impressive. All sections are on point, they use the context very well, and the word plays from both types of ads are done well and mix well with the overall content.

I also used the generate pictures feature for the social media ads, but although nice, they didn’t seem to blend with the rest of the content. The feature may be helpful for generic blog posts, but it doesn't have much use for e-commerce, where showcasing the product is essential.

Workflow - Blog

This workflow helps you create blog articles for your business by using a context and following the following three steps: “Blog Post Intro Paragraph”, “Blog Post Outline”, and “Paragraph Generator”.

As before, we will use this framework to create a blog post for our fake company: Tom’s Playground.

Templates - Facebook Headline

This workflow helps you create blog articles for your business by using a context and following the following three steps: “Blog Post Intro Paragraph”, “Blog Post Outline”, and “Paragraph Generator”.

As before, we will use this framework to create a blog post for our fake company: Tom’s Playground.

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Please remember that the results' quality depends significantly on the information you provide in the product description. A detailed description with a clear list of features and benefits will assure a high-quality result. 

Tip:  Use the “Product Description” and “Feature to Benefit” templates to help you create content for this

Jasper AI - Ease of Use

Jasper is a product that continues to evolve and improve over time. Since I started using it over a year ago, both the document editor and the user interface have undergone significant enhancements. Adding new templates and workflows, combined with ongoing improvements to the user interface, has made Jasper even more user-friendly.

When you create a new account with Jasper, you have a tutorial document on the main dashboard. This tutorial quickly gets you up to speed on generating content and familiarizes you with the basics of Jasper.

One of the standout features that makes Jasper particularly beginner-friendly is the extensive collection of templates and workflows. Instead of investing time in learning the prompt structure and working with the Document Editor, you can jump right in by selecting the template that best suits your needs.

Overall, Jasper AI is straightforward to start using right away. While you might need time to get accustomed to it and learn a few tricks for creating content outside the available templates, the learning curve is minimal.

Jasper AI - Speed and Efficiency

Its content writing speed is exceptional when comparing Jasper to other AI writing software, including ChatGPT.

All the templates and workflows I tested generated the content almost instantly. Even when using the quality over speed option from the “Chat Mode,” the response is swift.

Although speed is no longer an issue for most AI writing tools, Jasper AI is the fastest from what I’ve tested.

Jasper AI - Pricing

Jasper has three pricing options:

  1. Creator($39/month – billed yearly or $49/month – billed monthly): this is the entry pricing level and the most popular. Start with this option if you are new to content creation or a solo entrepreneur just starting or scaling an online business. It allows you to test the AI for yourself and ensure it provides the value we seek. Creator comes with a 7-Day Free Trial[add aff link] 
  2. Teams($99/month – billed yearly or $125/month – billed monthly): This option is great for established online businesses looking to scale content quickly, stay ahead of the competition and also make SEO checks and rewrites for existing content. It allows access to the account for two additional users, which is also great for small marketing teams working simultaneously on multiple projects. Teams also come with a 7-Day Free Trial[add aff link]
  3. Business(custom pricing) – This pricing option is for larger enterprises with complex technical and business needs. A business account comes with a dedicated success manager, access to API, and also allows access to create custom templates and workflows. The Business plan does not offer a free trial.
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Besides the above, all plans have unlimited words. 


An important thing to note about the free trial is that you must add your billing details to activate it. If you are unhappy with the product after seven days, make, Cancel the account from Setting -> Billing so you are not charged.Special Tip: If, after seven days, you decide to cancel your account, the Jasper team will offer an extension of the trial for another seven days. This big plus makes up for the requirement to add the billing details when activating the free trial.

Jasper AI - Customer Support

Customer support at Japer is available via email and live chat. Until now, I only had to discuss with the support team once. I wanted a quick solution, so I used the live chat option. Unfortunately, live chat was not online, and the usual reply time was a few hours. In cases like this, usually, you need to leave your question in the chat, and the team will get back to you by email. I was pleased to see that although I could not get an instant answer to my question, the Jasper support team got back to me by email on the same day.

So, if you need to contact Jasper customer support, don’t expect an answer right away, but keep your eye on your inbox because you should get a reply in a couple of hours.

Jasper AI - Integrations

As far as integrations go for the “Creator” and “Team” plans, there are three options available out of the box:

  • SurferSEO – This integration adds an “SEO” tab to the Document editor. It  gives you the option to optimize your content for search engines better. To use this option, you need to have a SurferSEO account.
  • Plagiarism Checker – This option is available through Jasper’s integration with Copyscape. You don’t need a Copyscape account to use this feature but remember that it will cost you $.03 for the first 200 words plus $.01 for each additional 100 words. Credits can be added to your account, starting at $10.


We finally reached the last part of the Japer review. After reading it, I hope you got all the information you needed to know if Jasper is the tool you need. 

If I had to summarize everything in as fewest words as possible, this would be the results – Jasper Ai, a content writer, provides all the necessary content tools to start,  scale, and promote your online business. If you are working as a team of one, consider it as a team member that can take care of 80% of your content requirements. The last 20% will be up to you, as it should be. You will need to add your input to the content generated to make it unique for your business.

Use Jasper confidently, master it through daily work, and you will get a competitive edge.

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