Godaddy domain registration

Godaddy domain registration

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The Godaddy domain registration platform is one of the oldest players in this business. It’s the domain registrar I first used when purchasing a .com domain and it is also the one I use more frequently now as well. It is an easy to use platform, with clean interface, which also offers fair pricing and all the extensions you could want.

In this review I will walk you through the process of purchasing a domain on Godaddy. I will also  explain the additional options available in the buying process, and show you how to configure nameservers for your domain in Goddady to link it to another hosting provider.

I’ll also talk about the pros and cons of Goddady to see if it is a good fit for a long time service provider for your business.

These are the reasons why the Godaddy domain registration services arethe 1st obvious choice to make!


Table of Contents

Let’s search for a domain

You can easily search to see if a domain is available directly from the homepage of the Godaddy domain registration website by using the search bar from the top of the page.

Godaddy domain registration

If you just write the name without adding an extension (e.g., .com, .org), Godaddy will assume you are searching for a .com domain. You must add the extension when searching if you want to search for a specific one. 

If your domain is available you will see it highlighted in the results page and purchase it right away. Godaddy will also give you a list on additional extension for the name you searched for.

Godaddy domain registration

If a domain extension is not available the Godaddy domain registration platform recommends the next available option.

The Buying Process

The purchasing process is a bit annoying because you get bombarded with upsells and extra options.

Godaddy domain registration

Things offered like Domain protection can be easily be taken care of by setting up basic security like a good password and account recovery methods. If you don’t want to worry at all about this kind of things the plan are pretty low at $9.99/year and a $19.99/year if you want your domain to be hold for another 90 days before expiry in case you have payment issues.

The last step before the purchase is a bit confusing. You get to see your total and it’s much higher than the $11.99 you saw in the beginning.

Godaddy domain registration

That’s because you have the “5 years” option automatically selected. Once you switch it to one year you get to see the correct price. A small minus here as it is an extra step for the majority of users who usually purchase domains for one year to test their business idea first.

Managing Your New Domain

Once the domain has been purchased, log in to your Godaddy domain registration Account, and go to “My Products”. Here you can see a list containing all the domains you have at Godaddy.

You have two options for each domain – DNS and Manage. Once you get in the Manage section you get the following options:

Godaddy domain registration

Create a website

– here you have two options:

  • Create a new website – use the Godaddy domain registration platform as hosting for your domain
  • Connect existing website – use to link your domain with popular website builders or forward it to a custom URL;

Get a custom email

– Use to quickly create an email address for your new domain.

Managing Your New Domain

Linking your domain to another hosting provider will require an update in the DNS section. More specifically you will need to add the nameservers of your hosting provider to the Godaddy domain registration website. I will not get into details about nameservers. All you need to know is that all hosting services provide you with the nameserves you need to configure for linking your domain.

To add the nameservers in Godday, you just need to go to the Nameservers section in the DNS setting.

Godaddy domain registration

Use the Change Nameservers option and replace the current ones. Although it says that it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to go live, it usually doesn’t take longer the 15 minutes.

Other Options


In Goddady auto-renewal is enabled by default, but can be easily deactivated by going to Manage->Domain-> Domain Settings

Sell Domain

In the same section you also have the option to sell the domain. E really nice feature is is the estimate price options that allows you to know the average with of you domain.


In summary, the Godaddy domain registration services stand as one of the stalwarts in the domain registration business, offering an easy-to-use platform replete with an intuitive interface and a variety of domain extensions. While the buying process may include some upsells and additional options that could be overwhelming, they can be easily navigated or even skipped to suit your specific needs.

The platform's versatility extends to domain management and DNS settings, making it straightforward to link your new domain to another hosting provider. It's a feature-rich environment where not only can you buy and manage domains but also explore options like auto-renewal settings and even domain selling with estimated price suggestions.

The cons, such as the upsells during the buying process and the default setting for a five-year domain purchase, are minor inconveniences relative to the platform's overall efficiency and reliability.

So, whether you're a beginner looking to dip your toes into the online world or an experienced professional looking for a reliable, long-term service provider, Godaddy offers a balanced mix of features and functionalities that make it worth considering for your domain registration and management needs.

You can find more information about the Godaddy domain registration services here How to Register a Domain Name With GoDaddy and here Top Domain Registrars

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These are the reasons why the Godaddy domain registration services arethe 1st obvious choice to make!